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We're based in Diamond Valley, Melbourne and specialise in high-quality construction.​

At Elevate Building Group we pride ourselves on client satisfaction and solid working relationships. With these priorities in mind, we deliver all projects on schedule and to the highest standards. Through pre-construction consultancy and cost engineering of your plans, we can ensure your project is a successful one.

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We specialise in high-quality construction and we pride ourselves on client satisfaction and solid working relationships. We deliver carefully considered custom homes, with attention given to every aspect of the build.


Award-winning Master Builder, 2x time winning builder on ‘The Block’ and holding leading roles on a number of other high profile projects. Matt’s a lover of all things construction. Initially studying industrial design, then making the leap to carpentry and starting his business leading to becoming a Builder. He’s gone from strength to strength over the past 10 years. With a proven and well-established brand, Elevate Building and his team of trades, have tackled some landmark projects all while growing solid working relationships with some of Australia’s most well-respected designers and industry professionals


Our esteemed client base of developers and designers pays testament to our ability to maintain lasting working relationships and our commitment to the project at hand. We are ever-expanding to meet the demands of the industry, and with our knowledge and experience, our results speak for themselves.

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