What is the current expected wait time to get started on a build?

Depending on the scope of works, and design and concept process. Typically 3 months for a small-scale renovation/addition. Or up to 12 months for a project needing council approval.

What type of contracts do you utilise? (e.g. fixed price or cost plus)

All building projects in excess of $10,000 require a domestic building contract. We offer both fixed price and cost-plus contracts depending on the scale of the project.

Approximately how long will my new home build take?

Depending on the scope of works, a new home project can be completed in as little as 8 months, or up to 14 months for large-scale homes.

Do you have selected contractors and suppliers you work with?

We have a number of trusted trades and suppliers who we’ve built a longstanding, trusted relationship with over our 12 years in the industry. 

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